[Mailman-Users] How do I prevent subscribers from sending to -bounces address instead of list address?

Hirayama, Pat phirayam at fredhutch.org
Tue Mar 8 12:22:08 EST 2016

> It depends on how much work you want to do. If YOU have a decent MUA,
> you can open the original attached "unrecognized bounce" message and
> resend it to the list. It might be held for implicit destination, but
> you can avoid that by adding the -bounces address to the list's
> acceptable_aliases, at least in the non-verp case, but it's probably
> better to edit the original To: before resending so other innocent
> reply-all messages don't go to the bounces address. I.e., there are ways
> to resend that message To: the list and From: the original sender; how
> much work they are depends on what tools you have at your disposal.
> But, this is the wrong answer because it puts all the effort on the list
> owner. The right answer is to compose a nice helpful message explaining
> the situation and what the correct list posting address is and keep that
> handy on your desktop so when you get one of these you can just forward
> it back to the original sender together with your message and put the
> burden back on them. Maybe some will even learn. Others will just blame
> your list because obviously their Microsoft software can't be doing
> anything wrong.

Pretty much what I expected.  Ah well. 



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