[Mailman-Users] How do I prevent subscribers from sending to -bounces address instead of list address?

Hirayama, Pat phirayam at fredhutch.org
Tue Mar 8 12:25:36 EST 2016

Ah!  include_sender_header does sound like it would be helpful in this case.  (And I'm the site admin, actually).  Have to decide if it is worth it to either (a) switch from supplied RPMs to source code; or (b) rebuild this server with CentOS 7 instead of CentOS 5 it is currently running.  Thanks!

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> On 03/04/2016 07:06 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
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> > You can't control what MUA's your user's use. Attempting to educate
> > them, at least in most user populations, is futile.
> In my zealousness to rant about the clueless, I forgot to mention that
> starting with Mailman 2.1.14 There is an include_sender_header setting
> (if not disabled by the site admin) which can be set to no to prevent
> Mailman from adding a Sender: header with the list-bounces address. This
> *shouldn't* affect normal bounces as they *should* be sent to the
> envelope sender, not to the Sender: header.

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