[Mailman-Users] Mailman without localhost ?

kapuzino at web.de kapuzino at web.de
Sun Mar 13 16:44:54 EDT 2016


The new operator of my hosting decided to remove localhost from whitelist in plesk outbound filter to prevent spam and blacklisting.
Anybody knows any chance to use mailman another way ?
MM is still installed (v2.1.18), but recently only woks delivering to server-internal adresses.
The service guy said, there might by a chance using smtp auth.

I have no access to mm_cfg.py of my own, but perheaps the service assistant will do the job, if I give him information.
(have a low price hosting)

In an older post M.Sapiro wrote:
Mailman can use the sendmail (or other) command to deliver mail. ... but DON'T DO IT. See the documentation in ...Sendmail.py ... for reasons.
But sadly I don't understand it.

Regards Kapuzino

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