[Mailman-Users] Mass subscribe breaks MM 3.0.2

treal tv trealtv at yandex.com
Thu Mar 17 14:31:14 EDT 2016

Just got latest Mailman set up from git to replace the mailman-bundler 
one I was using. Everything seems to be working alright, except we can't 
use mass subscribe or unsubscribe anymore.

I'm having trouble figuring out if this is a problem with me not setting 
the program up correctly or a MM 3.0.2 bug. could anyone provide some 
insight on our problem?

The traceback ends in:

File "/opt/mm3/postorius/src/postorius/views/list.py" in list_mass_subscribe
   315.                     validate_email(email)

Exception Type: NameError at /postorius/lists/(list at domain)/mass_subscribe/
Exception Value: global name 'validate_email' is not defined

here is a dpaste of the output.

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