[Mailman-Users] Renaming a list

The Mailing List System Admin List.Admin at unh.edu
Wed Mar 23 10:56:37 EDT 2016

CN> What I have done is modify the clone_list command to combine the
CN> renaming/cloning of a list and include an option to rebuild the
CN> archives.  However, the archives will not be rebuilt if the
CN> scrub_nondigest setting is Yes.

Sounds like a worthwhile enhancement.

MS> I will try adding it to my script and doing a bit of testing, but I
MS> think it will be fine.

Does this mean it will be included in the next release of MM v2?

As for getting off on the right foot for a new list, as part of our
new list application process...


we have the new list owner pick an initial flavor for their list --
announce, discussion, moderated.  The backend uses one of three MM
list definition templates to apply the appropriate defaults for the
given list type.  I used this system for about 15 years with ListProc
and it has always worked well.  (I'd offer the share the code, but it
is in Perl.  It has extensive commenting, but would still probably
take a fair amount of grokking and hacking to get it to work at a new
site.  It was never designed to distributed.)

BTW -- if anyone goes through the application process above to take a
look, please use the list name 'bogus.list' so I can ignore/delete it.

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