[Mailman-Users] Renaming a list

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Mar 23 21:42:26 EDT 2016

On 03/23/2016 11:15 AM, Chris Nulk wrote:
> I have done limited testing (4 member list with a few archived messages)
> and it appears to be working.  The archives were moved and rebuilt. 
> When I changed the scrub_nondigest setting to Yes, the list is renamed,
> archives moved, and an error message that the archives were not rebuilt.

Actually, is scrub_nondigest is Yes, bin/arch --wipe will work but there
are lots of caveats. In this case, bin/arch --wipe will just not remove
the 'attachments' directory. The issue is if scrub_nondigest was always
Yes for this list, that's the right thing to do, but it it was No at
some time in the past and changed to Yes, there are already two copies
of each attachment from the No period (one scrubbed from the archive and
one from the plain digest) and running bin/arch --wip will leave those
and create  third copies from the attachments in the mbox.

The more serious issue is if scrub_nondigest was Yes at some time in the
past and is now No, bin/arch --wipe will lose the attachments from the
Yes period.

In any case, for attachments scrubbed by scrub_nondigest, there are
links to them in the message bodies in the mbox and the list names in
those links will now be wrong, and bin/arch won't (can't) fix them.

This is why I chose in my script to kick the issue back to the user.

> Based on my testing, I noticed the error message for not rebuilding the
> archives is a bit terse.  For my target audience it needs to be a little
> more helpful.  So, I changed the lines:
>        if ol.scrub_nondigest:
>             abort('Scrub_nondigest is YES for %s.  WILL NOT REBUILD
> ARCHIVES.' % ns.old_list)
>        else:
> with
>         if ol.scrub_nondigest:
>             abort("""ARCHIVES NOT REBUILT.
> Scrub_nondigest for %s is set to Yes.  To prevent losing any scrubbed
> attachments, you will need to rebuild and fix the listname links in
> the archives using another method than using bin/arch.
> """ % ns.old_list)
>         else:

That much seems good, but as I note above it's a bit more complicated if
the scrub_nondigest setting has changed over time.

> I will do a little more testing on some larger lists but it looks
> promising.


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