[Mailman-Users] Mailman without localhost ?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Mar 29 17:07:33 EDT 2016

On 3/29/16 1:22 PM, kapuzino at web.de wrote:
> The Service-Assistant of my hosting tried to solve, but did not found both of the default entries in mm_cfg.py.
> SMTPHOST = 'localhost'
> SMTPPORT = 0   
> So he's asking for accurate steps to handle SMTP Host Override (Plesk 12.5.x.). 

Those settings are the defaults defined in Mailman/Defaults.py

If you want to change them, you redefine them in Mailman/mm_cfg.py and
your redefinition will override the default. See

So, for example, to change the port to 587, you just need to add


to Mailman/mm_cfg.py.

> Also he wants to know, how to prevent overriding that values during next server-update.

Mailman upgrades never overwrite mm_cfg.py. What Plesk does in a Plesk
update is a Plesk question that I can't answer. A Plesk update SHOULD
not overwrite mm_cfg.py, but I can't say that it will or wont.

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