[Mailman-Users] IPv6 MDA (was Re: disable DMARC_ORGANIZATIONAL_DOMAIN_DATA_URL ...)

Curtis Villamizar curtis at ipv6.occnc.com
Thu May 5 19:21:33 EDT 2016

In message <572BC659.1070401 at msapiro.net>
Mark Sapiro writes:
> On 05/05/2016 02:39 PM, Curtis Villamizar wrote:
> > 
> > And BTW - the server was given an IPv4 address before going to
> > production use but the IPv4 is only needed for apache, not for the
> > email setup.  The IPv4 may be dropped entirely in the future since I
> > don't use the web interface anymore.  Recipients are populated from a
> > database - which is one thing that has always worked fine.
> If your email address for @python.org email lists is on a server that
> only accepts connects at an IPv6 address, you will stop getting all list
> mail. The current cloud server for mail.python.org is blocked from
> sending to port 25 at IPv6 addresses.
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In pictures (-> is same host, ---> between hosts):

  dual stack        IPv6 only

  mta2 or mta3 ---> mda -> mailman
  mta2         <--- mda <- mailman

On the MTA relay_map is used.  On the MDA relayhost is used.

So all mail in or out goes goes by way of one of the dual stack hosts.

It works.  Really.  :-)  Look at the Received headers.

Cutover from an old mailman host to new just means modifying relay_map
file on the mta (old to none, then none to new, where none is a fqdn
with no host so that mail fails and gets spooled, then sent after the
second change).

If the mda/mailman host is also running apache, then I need IPv4 for
people who don't have IPv6 to get to the web interface.  No one seems
to use (or want) the archives on this host.  Subscriptions are from a
database populated by other means.  So the web interface is currently
unused (but take it away and someone is bound to try to use it).


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