[Mailman-Users] dnspython not found error

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Fri May 6 04:54:24 EDT 2016

David Newman writes:

 > The Mailman build failed, saying 'dnspython not found' even though that
 > port is installed:

Have you fixed this?  If so, please let us know, if not, here is
something that may be a hint:

Aside from what Mark said, this often indicates that Mailman is using
a different python from the one that the package was installed for.

 > python2-2_3
 > python27-2.7.11_2

The first one may be your system Python, and you may need to fix
up paths or use an explicit configuration directive to specify that
Mailman use python27, not python2.  It's also possible that the first
one is a "meta" package that doesn't actually include a python binary
(I haven't used BSD ports in a long time).  In this case the problem
is elsewhere.

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