[Mailman-Users] nodupes doesn't seem to be working with aliases

Curtis Villamizar curtis at ipv6.occnc.com
Sun May 8 15:07:55 EDT 2016


In message <572C0016.1080505 at msapiro.net>
Mark Sapiro writes:
> Your "If I send mail to a set of mailing lists then dupes get
> suppressed" statement tells me you may already be using this. However,
> it depends on the "sibling list" being explicit in To: or Cc: which will
> not be the case when the post comes via an alias.

That explains it.  My mistake in setting up this way.

> > I have 5 such aliases for convenience but if I can't suppress dupes
> > its an annoyance since some people are on multiple mailing lists.  For
> > some reason I thought this used to work (but might have imagined it).

I'll have to rework my local solution.  Since all mailman
subscriptions are generated from a database maintained elsewhere, I
just need to replace the aliases with new mailing lists that are
supersets.  A bit of work but doable.  Until then, I'll just manually
expand on the Cc to the set of lists covered by an alias to avoid
sending dups.  These lists go to a set of non-technical volunteers so
best not to annoy them.  Volunteers are already hard to come by.


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