[Mailman-Users] What am I missing?

Robert Heller heller at deepsoft.com
Thu May 12 13:25:24 EDT 2016

I just installed mailman 2.1.16 on a new (CentOS 6) server and copied the data
and configuration data from my old server (CentOS 5) also running mailman
2.1.16. The old server is stil the 'production server' and mailman's page is
mailman.deepsoft.com. I am trying to test things on the new server but I am
having a problem I cannot figure out. I changed the http mailman.conf to have
a ServerName of mailman2.deepsoft.com and changed things in the
/etc/mailman/mm_cfg.py to have the default URL be mailman2.deepsoft.com, but
for some (unknown) reason, when I go to mailman2.deepsoft.com in firefox, it
redirects to mailman.deepsoft.com. If I use lynx, it properly goes to
http://mailman2.deepsoft.com/mailman/listinfo, but displays a bug message.
Why? What config file did I miss?

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Deepwoods Software        -- Custom Software Services
http://www.deepsoft.com/  -- Linux Administration Services
heller at deepsoft.com       -- Webhosting Services

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