[Mailman-Users] confirm email marked as spam - reduce unique identifier length?

Jim Dory james at dorydesign.com
Mon May 16 00:47:50 EDT 2016


I manage a community list-serv and our host - Hawkhost.com , has had their
servers marking our subscription confirmation emails as spam so the end
user never sees them. They are held at the Hawkhost servers. In a trouble
ticket to them, they have postulated the following possible solution:

I believe that the subject of the confirmation email "confirm
40c7fa45251ce14ecd7c26c712648332fa3b326b" is triggering the spam experts
filter. Is it possible to reduce the subject line to something simpler? "

I do not know the answer - if it is possible to reduce that unique
identifier or not, or whether that would even help.

This trouble ticket has been ongoing for the last week and they have
released the held confirmation emails, but every new attempt at subscribing
is still blocked (held at their spam expert software quarantine or

Suggestions? I manage the list for the community, but it is hosted by a
local club so would be a bit cumbersome to simply "change hosts". Plus we
have about 4GB of archives.

thanks for reading and any help.. Jim

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