[Mailman-Users] Syntax question using the Web Interface with PHP

Terence Ronalds t_ronalds at yahoo.com
Mon May 16 15:55:41 EDT 2016

I'm trying to use the Web Interface from a PHP page and I have a problem when trying to add a person to a list. I can get it to work fine if I just add an email address to the list, however I can't figure out the syntax needed to also include their real name. Here's what I have that works so far:
$name='Adam B. Tester';
$email=adam at somewhere.com';
$sub_url = "http://lists.XXXX.com/admin.cgi/members-XXXX.com/members/add?subscribe_or_invite=0&send_welcome_msg_to_this_batch=0&notification_to_list_owner=0&adminpw=XXXX&subscribees_upload=";
$content=file_get_contents($sub_url . $email );
echo $content;?>
The page at https://wiki.list.org/DOC/Additional%20web%20administration%20tools doesn't explain well enough how to use the _realname parameter to get the person's name included in the transaction. Can anyone please show me how to change the above coding to do this?

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