[Mailman-Users] Lost GNU Web mgmt interface after MAC OSX update

Kevin Ross kross at vrcis.com
Fri May 20 15:08:26 EDT 2016

The url is : http://mail.vrcis.com/mailman/admindb/vip

The response is:

Not Found

The requested URL /mailman/admindb/vip was not found on this server.

Apache Server at mail.vrcis.com Port 80

The URL http://mail.vrcis.com

Works fine, however

Mailman logs are empty, /var/apache2 logs have the usual minimal stuff, no
primary website, no webmail, this is just an OSX server running postfix,
clamav and mailman.
We can still execute commandline mailman commands, I have a feeeling its in
the apache httpd conf  possibly where the ./mailman/admindb/...  is added



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On 05/20/2016 08:18 AM, Caulfield Kevin Ross wrote:
> Silly question, during a MAC  OSX update we lost the ability to manage 
> our mailman GNU system using the http interface.

What happens when you try to go to the Mailman web GUI?

What is your web server?

What is in it's logs?

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