[Mailman-Users] Mm_cfg.py not setting attribute

Beu, Ed (DOA) ed.beu at alaska.gov
Mon May 23 20:24:55 EDT 2016


We currently have two instances of Mailman running for test purposes. The newlist command along with a customized mm_cfg.py file is producing different results on the two systems.

Configurations are as follows on these two test systems.

Solaris 10
Mailman 2.1.20 (csw package)

CentOS 6.7 (Final)
Mailman 2.1.12 (yum package)

On the T1 system I am adding the following statement to the mm_cfg.py file:

Then, when I run "./newlist -q listname my.email at domain.com<mailto:my.email at domain.com> 12345678" the list setting is as desired (respond_to_post_request = No).

On the T2 system using the same scenario above, the "respond_to_post_request" attribute does not change from the Defaults.py setting of Yes.

On the T2 system I have tried changing the attribute from  DEFAULT_RESPOND_TO_POST_REQUESTS to just RESPOND_TO_POST_REQUESTS, changed No to Zero (0) and tried DEFAULT_RESPOND_TO_POST_REQUESTS = 0. A number of combinations, and none work on the CentOS machine.

Do you have any suggestions or recommendations? Our goal is to use the CentOS system for production, so getting this worked out will be very helpful.

Thx, Ed

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