[Mailman-Users] Remove someone from list of lists but not from child lists?

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat May 28 16:57:25 EDT 2016

Ryan Stasel writes:

 > So, I’ve had some requests to remove people from “everyone” but
 > obviously keep them in their respective “child list”. Is this
 > possible?

I think this might be possible in Mailman 3 (but would be a new
feature, not implemented yet), but not in Mailman 2.

I suppose it's not socially possible to moderate (or even temporary
remove posting privileges) from the folks who abuse "everyone"?

Another possibility would be to create a garbage list, and set
reply-to to the garbage list on everyone.  Then people who just
reply-to the nearest list post will see their posts disappear into a
black hole, and you can tell people who complain to "check the
archives of Blackhole, if it's there, you abused 'reply-to everyone'
-- don't do that".  People who intentionally write to everyone ...
maybe a quick whack with a 2x4 would help?

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