[Mailman-Users] We lost a message

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Nov 3 12:59:43 EDT 2016

On 11/03/2016 08:40 AM, Joseph Brennan wrote:
> A message was sent to the list address, and held for moderator
> approval, as configured. The moderator approved. The approval action
> is logged, so we know the right button was used. But then the message
> disappeared. No Mailman logs recorded an action after approval, and
> Postfix had no log of the message.

If there was nothing in any Mailman log including "error" following the
approval in the "vette" log, it's difficult to know what might have

> As a test we changed it to include only one small list instead, sent a
> message, and got the same result, that is, moderator approved the
> message and again the last trace was the log that it was approved.
> As a second test we made the list unmoderated, and sent a message.
> Postfix log shows it being accepted and passed to Mailman, but there
> is nothing in Mailman's logs for this one.
> We checked carefully for any configuration that would discard messages
> automatically.

I think that is the most likely thing. In particular, I'd suspect
Content filtering, but, but if any subsequent handler discarded the
message, there should be a 'discarded' entry in the vette log.

> We deleted the problem list, and created a new list of the same name
> including the small list, and then it worked normally. To the best of
> our knowledge only this one list had the problem. Many other lists
> were sending mail successfully during the same time.

So it had to be something in the config of the old list. Do you have a
backup of the lists/LISTNAME/config.pck file from before you deleted it
but after the problem appeared?

If so, create a new lists/TEMP_NAME/ directory and put the config.pck
there. Then run 'bin/config_list -o old.config TEMP_NAME' and also
'bin/config_list -o new.config LISTNAME' and diff the two config files.

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