[Mailman-Users] Mail delivery gets congested

Christian F Buser luscheina at yahoo.de
Thu Nov 10 13:49:34 EST 2016

Hi all 

We have Mailman 2.1.21 running on a cPanel (58.0.34) installation. Our biggest "regular" list has something over 200 subscribers. 

On September 2, I asked here about a problem that subsciber's email addresses were displayed in the message headers, and you advised me to change the delivery method of Mailman to "Full Personalization". 

Having one this, it seems that Mailman is now having problems to send out the messages within a useful time frame. The porvider told us that SMTP is currently set to accept only 30 messages per individual connection. So with 200 subscribers it would take 7 connections to get out one single message.  I do not know about the time between two connections, but I saw that it takes at least 20 minutes and in several cases has taken more than one out until the messages are out. 

The provider said that he can increase the numnber of messages per connection but thinks that this is also a security issue (spam) and the amount can only be set server-wide (no possibility to make an exception rule for mailing lists). 

What could I do from my side to increase delivery speed? 

Thank you, Christian 

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