[Mailman-Users] Regenerate HTML pages for new URLs in pipermail

Rainer Müller raimue at codingfarm.de
Fri Nov 18 09:22:24 EST 2016


I recently moved a Mailman mailing list from one host to another as
outlined in the FAQ [1]. This involved changing the URL of the archives
on the web. Mail delivery and the web interface itself is working just fine.

However, every old mail in the HTML archive of pipermail still contains
the old URL at the very end in the "More information about the ...
mailing list" link. For new mails, the URL is correct.

I already tried to regenerate the archive with 'arch --wipe'. This would
update the URL, however, this would also re-index the mbox and will
break URLs to posts in the archive, which I would like to avoid.

Is there some way to update this URL while keeping the archive URLs
stable? Do I really need to go over all HTML files in the archive with a
sed expression?

Running Mailman 2.1.18 on Debian 8 jessie.



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