[Mailman-Users] list_members when listname has a period

Mark Dale mark at mailmanlists.net
Tue Nov 22 19:23:28 EST 2016

Thanks Mark and Steve.

It is indeed as you said - the real listname was not the advertised 

The list has now been moved, named as it should be, and all is well.



On 22/11/16 13:12, Mark Sapiro wrote:

>> $PATH/bin/list_members -f acme_widgets (works fine)
>> $PATH/bin/list_members -f acme.widgets (gets ignored)
>> Any clues from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
> I just verified that it works for me.
> As Steve suggests, if this is cPanel or possibly some other virtual
> hosting patched Mailman, the name may include a domain.
> I.e., if it's cPanel, the listname could be something like
> acme.widgets_virt.domain.
> What is the contents if the $PATH/lists/ directory?

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