[Mailman-Users] moderated usenet newsgroup gateway

Gérald Niel gerald.niel at gegeweb.eu
Fri Oct 7 12:44:18 EDT 2016

(repost, first post with a wrong address, sorry for the adminstrators/moderators)

Hi to all,

I’m new member of this liste.
But no new user of mailman.

I’m the administrator of public Usenet grisbi hierarchy <http://news.grisbi.org <http://news.grisbi.org/>> and the administrator of the grisbi’s mailing lists.
I successfully use the mail to news gateway since a long time.
I recently move both services to a new server and disable the news -> mail mailman’s gateway (via cron) for use news2mail feeds, then i preserve the original message-id.
And gateway mail -> news with mailman.
Everything works fine, except for the grisbi.info <http://grisbi.info/> moderated group.
The moderation address is the mailing list hosted on the mailman.
When message are approved for posting and published on the list it is not posted on the newsgroups.
I’ve tried the both setting :
Open list, moderated group

but nothing working.

I don’t see connexion from mailman on the news server on approval.
And message not relayed to the group.

What i’m missing?

I’ve look at the archive but don’t find anything can help me.
Do I change something on the code?

Gérald Niel

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