[Mailman-Users] What log file do I check for successful transmission to the SMTP server?

Dominik Hoffmann dhoffmann at uwalumni.com
Sat Oct 15 11:44:29 EDT 2016

> On Oct 15, 2016, at 12:09 AM, Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net> wrote:
> On 10/14/2016 07:30 PM, Dominik Hoffmann wrote:
>> Does the fact that I don't have a file called smtp-failure at /usr/local/mailman/logs/ mean that no SMTP errors have occurred, as far as Mailman is concerned?
> Yes. Assuming that that is the directory that contains at least the
> qrunner and error logs and probably also smtp, post, subscribe, etc., it
> means that log has never been written and Mailman has not had any
> failures in it's SMTP transactions.
> This means that everything Mailman tried to deliver to the MTA was
> successfully delivered. It doesn't mean the MTA successfully delivered
> the message(s) to the next relay. For that kind of failure, there should
> be bounces recorded in the bounce log, but they won't say why. For that
> you need the MTA log (maybe /var/log/mail.log or
> /private/var/log/mail.log - my Macbook has a symlink /var ->
> /private/var, but I may have created that).
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