[Mailman-Users] digest frequency control

Matt Morgan minxmertzmomo at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 11:59:24 EDT 2016

I think I understand this but I'm hoping someone can help confirm I got it

1. In the regular digest options, directly controlling the frequency with
which a digest gets sent out isn't possible. It can sort of be hacked,
though, by turning off digest_send_periodic and turning on
digest_size_threshold. I.e., you can cause the digest not to go too
frequently by setting a size threshold that's higher than what you get in a
day or a week.

[Note: Clearly it wouldn't be exact, but this list only accepts moderated
postings, so we can also control when postings are allowed and when we hit
the KB threshold, that way.]

2. In order to actually control digest frequency directly, you'd have to
reduce the frequency with which cron/anacron runs senddigests.

3. But that will affect all your lists, so you have to use --listname to do
it one list at a time. Since there's nothing like --exceptlistname, I guess
I'd need to have a separate entry for senddigests in cron for every list
that supports digests.

Do I have that all correct?


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