[Mailman-Users] subscribe users by email from list admin?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Sep 14 18:49:55 EDT 2016

On 09/14/2016 11:09 AM, Matt Morgan wrote:
> Is there any way, in mailman, to subscribe a user (or users) via an email
> from an email address other than the one being signed up?

If you send a 'help' command (Subject: or first body line) to
LIST-request at ... the response will include

>     subscribe [password] [digest|nodigest] [address=<address>]
>         Subscribe to this mailing list.  Your password must be given to
>         unsubscribe or change your options, but if you omit the password, one
>         will be generated for you.  You may be periodically reminded of your
>         password.
>         The next argument may be either: `nodigest' or `digest' (no quotes!).
>         If you wish to subscribe an address other than the address you sent
>         this request from, you may specify `address=<address>' (no brackets
>         around the email address, and no quotes!)

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