[Mailman-Users] members mail is getting marked rejected

Stephen J. Turnbull turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp
Mon Sep 19 10:49:55 EDT 2016

Andy Goldzweig writes:
 > in the vette log I see:
 >         LISTNAME: Refused posting:
 >         From: MEMBER at MYDOMAIN
 >         Subject: SUBJECT
 >         Reason: Your message was deemed inappropriate by the moderator.
 > This person is a member of the list.
 > The sender filter for moderated members is hold
 > So why is the message getting rejected?

The first guess is: A moderator rejected it, as the "Reason" says.
This can happen inadvertantly if there are a lot of spam messages.

Second guess: A moderator set the user to be rejected.  Check the
user's membership screen.  This can also happen inadvertantly to a
member, if a moderator accidentally ticks the wrong boxes on the
moderation screen.

Third guess: The message fell afoul of a different privacy filter.
Note that the privacy filter can be triggered on "hidden" content,
such as HTML tags and header fields that are not displayed by typical
user agents.

This kind of thing is reported occasionally, and it's always a matter
of local configuration or moderator action, at least for the last
decade that I can remember.  But maybe Mark has some additional
avenues you can explore.

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