[Mailman-Users] illegible message in moderation approval queue

Richard Shetron guest2 at sgeinc.com
Thu Sep 22 22:59:25 EDT 2016

 From a quick look, it looks like base64 encoding.  Invented back in the 
dialup/uucp days when transport was not always 8bit clean so things were 
encoded to make sure only transportable characters were used.

On 9/22/2016 9:58 PM, Matt Morgan wrote:
> I have a message in a moderation queue. It's from a member (everyone is
> moderated on this list) so I think it's not spam or other junk. But when I
> click to review it, it's not legible. This is all I see in the message
> excerpt:
> IENvbnNkaXNsaXN0DQoNCrOqwMcgaVBob25lv6G8rSC6uLO/
> I feel like I've seen other messages that look encoded/illegible in
> moderation, though I don't have other examples right now. What can cause
> this?
> For what it's worth, the sender is a speaker of a language that uses a
> different character set, so if that's possible cause, that might be the
> reason here.
> Thanks,
> Matt
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