[Mailman-Users] Major conflict will resolving hosting of DNU Maiman

Susan Fitzmaurice susanfitzm at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 14:44:53 EDT 2016

I hope you guys can help me, when I really am unsure what to even ask.

1. Host A was hosting our website and Mailman lists.
2. Host B/MacHighway was going to host our website and Host A was just
going to host the email.

This did not work as Mailman evidently requires access to both the website
domain and the lists.domain.

Host B/Machighway does not have the required software to host Mailman on a
shared server.

What options do we have?
1. Have Host company A have 2 domains hosted. 1 domain will exist for the
sole purpose of making Mailman work. The other domain will be for mail.
MacHighway will have the website.
2. Stop using Mailman and use something else. MacHighway will host website.
3.  ??????????    Is there any "reseller" for Mailman who can host our
Mailman  and provide some tech support?

I want to continue to use MacHighway. They provide amazing tech support to
a person like me who gets way in over the head on tech stuff.


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