[Mailman-Users] Siblings list usage ?

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Sun Sep 25 05:32:54 EDT 2016

Hi mailman-users at mail.python.org
I recently moved 50 lists from majordomo to mailman (succesfuly, thanks :-).

Question: Under majordomo I had various pairs of lists, eg
	Large list, low traffic, event announcements
	none but organisers could post.
	Small list, free unmoderated discussion among organisers,
	all on event-announce@ could post feedback such as event
	bookings back to organisers.

My majordomo list configurationss included:
	restrict_post = event-org other-event-org .domain-trusted-posters
	restrict_post = event-announce event-org other-event-org \

On mailman lit configs, On event-announce@ I asserted default
moderated bit on all new & existing members of event-announce@, &
removed moderated bit on individual organisers.

My main problem:
  No one on event-announce@ can now respond to event-org@ with 
 "Count me in for event! / Who is organiser next week? etc"
My lesser problem:
  When someone joins event-org@ I have to manually remove moderator
  bit from their personal membership entry in event-announce@ (&
  re-assert if they leave).

Are Sibling lists a solution? How please ?, I've never used them yet.

Julian Stacey, BSD Linux Unix Sys Eng Consultant Munich
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