[Mailman-Users] unbanning a member?

Adam Morris lists at damorris.com
Tue Sep 27 23:46:12 EDT 2016

Hi Stephen and all,

I didn't realise I hadn't clicked the submit changes after deleting the 
name from the banned list.

All sorted, thanks!

On 28/09/16 12:10, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> I'm going to assume you meant to post to the list, and send there
> myself.  For security reasons, Mailman lists do not munge reply-to.
> Frequently messages contain private information (IP addresses, domain
> names, email addresses, and even passwords) that the sender would not
> want broadcasted to a publicly archived list.
> Adam Morris writes:
>   > I'm referring to someone who I have banned from subscribing to a mailing
>   > list.
>   >
>   > If I try and subscribe the banned address I get a message saying member
>   > is banned.
> How do you try to subscribe that address?  By web or by mail?
> In the admin page Privacy Options, there is a ban_list option near the
> bottom of the page (this is version 2.1.21, I believe yours was older
> so there may be variations).  AFAIK that is the only way to ban an
> address from subscribing in "stock" Mailman.
> Make sure that the member is not in that list.  I believe you reported
> that you have cleared out that list already, in which case it's
> possible that you didn't click the Submit button at the bottom of the
> page, and it's still there.  I guess it's barely possible that you
> cleared the ban_list for a different list than the one you're trying
> to subscribe that address to.
> If the web interface reports an empty ban list and you attempted to
> subscribe by mail, it's possible that there are two Mailman
> installations, one handling mail, and the other web (and this one has
> no effect on actual list operation).  Multiple installations can arise
> for a number of reasons such as an incomplete upgrade where either the
> mailserver or the webserver was not properly configured.
> Otherwise, I don't know what's going on.  Perhaps Mark has an idea.
> Regards,


Adam Morris
Jaws certified 2016
adam at damorris.com


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