[Mailman-Users] Bad Confirmation String to cancel Message that was too large.

Bryan Carbonnell carbonnb at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 10:18:00 EDT 2017

Good Morning MMUsers,

I have MM2.1.23 installed from sources on CentOS5.

I have a list that has a max message size of 20kb to encourage plain
text and trimming.

Recently some users have been getting the notice that their message is
too big, and when they click the link to cancel the post, the link
returns a page with a "Bad Confirmation String" error.

The latest was this morning. A user sent an email that was too big,
and almost immediately click the link in the email they received and
got the bad confirmation string.

I tried sending a large email to test and the confirmation string worked for me.

Looking in the vette log, I can see where the email was held, but I'm
not sure where the confirmation string is coming from. This is the

Apr 03 04:42:48 2017 (548) dba-OT post from USER at gmail.com held,
message-id=<CAEkqQpXMAvPkOXK-3O1Y16CFF8cVVs-Ry850nYBpcy73U2nsxA at mail.gmail.com>:
Message body is too big: 27563 bytes with a limit of 20 KB

The confirmation string from the email is:

Any ideas what to look at next to try and figure out why this is happening?

This isn't the first time that users have reported that the
confirmation strings didn't work.


Bryan Carbonnell - carbonnb at gmail.com
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