[Mailman-Users] Scrubbing incoming mail (e.g., strip bottom from top posters)

Tom Browder tom.browder at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 12:29:14 EDT 2017

Soon I hope to get mm3 up and running and reactivate some old mm2 lists and
start new ones.

I anticipate voluminous messages from the many people I correspond with who
have no clue (in spite of my pleas) about the problems of top posting in
mailing lists, as well as html mail and voluminous attachments.

I will warn my subscribers about such policies, but I need a reasonable
solution to scrub mail and clean it up before it shows up on the lists.

I see that mm3 has lots of filtering settings to help the situation.  I
have several questions following, and I have provided in some cases what I
think the general answer is.  Affirmation, critique, or answers will be
greatly appreciated.

+ strip bottom posts?

    mm3: add-on custom or community-contributed filter

+ hold msgs with attachments for approval?

    mm3: true

+ create my own filter if existing ones aren't sufficient for my needs?

    mm3: true

+ hold any msg for approval if it doesn't meet my filtering requirement?

    mm3: true

+ bounce msgs failing certain criteria back to sender with a custom msg?

    mm3: true

I know Postfix has filtering customization, too.  Are there any recommended
guidelines on where to do various types of filtering?

  spam, blacklist: Postfix

  mailing list rules: mm3


Best regards,


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