[Mailman-Users] Suggestion: Add a new binary flag: "Discard [or bounce] Sender Posts

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Mon Apr 17 06:00:10 EDT 2017

Top posting is bad. 
Failing to indent prior text with "> " is bad.
Corrected below:

Gretchen R Beck wrote:
> Julian H. Stacey wrote:
> > Hi mailman-users at python.org
> > Suggestion: Add a new binary flag: "Discard [or bounce] Posts From Sender
> > http://berklix.org/~jhs/help/majordomo/#discard_sender
> > 
> > Reason: A mailman list member got his address book harvested by a spammer,
> > twice spammed a mailman list I run, I removed list member, asked
> > member to rejoin with an address spammer did not know was subscribed
> > to list.  Another list member suggested I could instead personaly
> > moderate all future mail from the spammer harvested address.
> > http://berklix.org/~jhs/help/majordomo/#harvested
> > 
> > PS (ignore "majordomo" in URLs, I just havent moved text yet.)

> Couldn't you just do individuals subscribers  as a spam filter within the Privacy options?


- There's no automatic individual linkage between eg
  & list member entries in eg

- Privacy options are controlled by admin, not list members.
  For multiple reasons in 
  the intent is to Avoid burdening admins to waste time for indivduals,
  turning their discard bits off & on.

- Intent is to empower members to disable & enable their personal discard
  options when they choose (perhaps just enabling for a few minutes if they
  normaly just read a list & rarely have something to post) .

  Those who still continued to emit spam could be removed as before, 
  but admin would also instead have the extra option of enabling
  list member's Enable Transmit Discard, & it would be in the right
  place where list member could personaly, without admin help Disable
  again to post, if wanted.

In eg http://mailman.berklix.org/mailman/admin/test/members/list
next to column "mod" there would be a 2nd column eg "self discard".
- "mod" would as before be set by admin to block & store for review.
- "self discard" would discard posts from member, set by member.

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