[Mailman-Users] Query for un confirmed subscription requests v2.1

Dean Suhr deansuhr at deansuhr.us
Sun Apr 30 19:06:44 EDT 2017


We have just set up a new small mailing list where we are very hands on with invitations to join.  We had Confirm and Approve selected … and came to find that a notable percentage of Confirmation messages went to the user’s SPAM folders.  (This is in spite of them being subscribers to at least one other list of ours).

Is there a way to query what email addresses have been sent Confirmation messages but not responded/confirmed?  Is there a time after which unconfirmed subscription requests are purged? 

I know there are no more features being added to 2.1 … but it sure seems like being able to follow people through the subscription process, and maybe even to have the ability to resend the Confirmation emails would make us look better.  With today’s flow we don't know they requested to subscribe … and they get angry at us because they think we are not responding their subscription request.

For the benefit of others … we updated the text on the Subscribe results page that you can find under Edit the public HTML pages and text files to tell folks that they should look for a Confirmation email.  This web page pops up after they click subscribe - no email involved.

And in fact, we removed email verification altogether since we deal in a more closed environment.  The risk of someone subscribing someone else by faking their email or of a typo is lower than the frustration of double digit capture of verification emails into SPAM.




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