[Mailman-Users] [SOLVED] Re: Error UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0xe0 in position 88: invalid continuation byte

Jacques Lav!gnotte. jacques at lavignotte.org
Fri Aug 4 04:57:48 EDT 2017

Le 03/08/2017 à 17:09, Mark Sapiro a écrit :

> This was overkill. The underlying issue was that the list's
> 'description' attribute was encoded in a character set which was not
> that of the list's preferred language.

Thanks Mark. This will probably will be usefull for some more lists
because the server migrated to Debian 8 few days ago.


Rest of the text left untouched for search purposes

> This probably came about because of the Debian/Ubuntu package's blanket
> recoding of all languages to UTF-8 without regard to strings in list
> attributes. See <https://bugs.launchpad.net/mailman/+bug/1462755>,
> particularly comment #6 and the threads referenced there, for more about
> this.

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