[Mailman-Users] Newer Thunderbird reply list behaviour

Grant Taylor gtaylor at tnetconsulting.net
Fri Aug 4 11:39:02 EDT 2017

On 08/04/2017 07:46 AM, Andrew Hodgson wrote:
> I am recently getting a lot of complaints from Thunderbird users 
> on several lists running on our Mailman 2.1.24 system that when they 
> press ctrl+r for reply, the reply goes to the individual sender and not 
> the list.  Mailman is set to strip the Reply-To header and set replies 
> to go to the list.  I believe that something in newer Thunderbirds are 
> detecting the list headers and giving the user the option of replying to 
> the author (ctrl+r) and the list (ctrl+l).  The only issue is sometimes 
> this doesn't seem to be obvious to our blind subscribers which option 
> to use in Thunderbird.

I can reproduce the behavior in Thunderbird 52.2.1 with this message.

I get the same behavior via pressing <Ctrl>-<r> and clicking the reply 
button, both of which reply to the OP, /not/ to the list.

I do have a button "Reply List" which seems to use the List-Post header.

It's been a while since I set up a Mailman mailing list, but I seem to 
remember having Mailman add a Reply-To and direct the replies to the 
mailing list / List-Post address.

> Does anyone know the precise mechanisms that Thunderbird is using, and 
> whether there is any way to overrite it so we can get the old behaviour 
> back by using the reply function to reply to the list?

I don't think this is a Thunderbird problem per say.  Reply "to sender" 
and reply "to list" are two distinct things.

To me, this is a user education issue -or- a mailing list configuration 
issue.  (Sorry, I can't point to how to reconfigure things.)

Grant. . . .
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