[Mailman-Users] Customize "From" when munging it for DMARC?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Aug 4 15:51:59 EDT 2017

On 08/04/2017 10:15 AM, Jordan Brown wrote:
> On 8/4/2017 8:24 AM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> On 08/03/2017 07:15 PM, Jordan Brown wrote:
>>> Is there a way to control the From value when it gets munged so we pass
>>> DMARC?
>> There's no configuration for it, but it's a simple patch.
> Thanks.  Alas, I'm a hosting-provider customer, not standalone, and so
> don't have access to make source changes.  Maybe it can go on the wish list?

You could submit a request at
<https://bugs.launchpad.net/mailman/+filebug> or for Mailman 3, at
<https://gitlab.com/mailman/mailman/issues>, but It's unlikely that
anything will be done, at least for 2.1.

For Mailman 2.1, I see two ways to do this. The easy way is to create an
mm_cfg.py setting with which one could specify 'xxx' to be added to the
address as in listname-xxx at example.com.  This wouldn't help you and
other hosting provider customers however as the hosts would almost
certainly not change the default.

The alternative of making it a list setting is more work as it affects
the web admin UI and the translations thereof.

Also, with either method, forward porting to MM 3 is an additional

I'm aware of issues with Microsoft services adding 'spoofing' warnings
to messages where the From: address and the To: address are the same. Is
this what you were referring to by "Setting it to the list name
interacts badly with outloook.com and hotmail.com replies." in your OP.
If not that, then what?

In any case, if these issues become more problematic, we'll probably
have to do something, but what, I don't know.

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