[Mailman-Users] Users being unsubscribed without requesting it.

Steve Wehr steve at tunedinweb.com
Sat Aug 19 10:27:20 EDT 2017

I host about a hundred lists and from time to time the list owners keep
telling me that users are being unsubscribed from the list without asking to
be. Now I assume these users are just being removed for bouncing, but when I
check the mailman log files in /var/log/mailman I see this:


subscribe:Aug 18 00:41:10 2017 (22583) saintsofswing: deleted
dorrainescofield at gmail.com; via the member options page


My understanding of "via the member options page" means that that user
unsubscribed themselves from the list. Users who bound have a completely
different set of messages in the logs and it's clear they were removed by
mailman for bouncing.


The problem is that when contacted, these users swear they DID NOT
unsubscribe themselves. So how can they be getting unsubscribed (with
messages in the logs like the one above) but they are not going to the
member options page and unsubscribing??


Thanks for your help.



Steve Wehr

Tunedin Web Design <http://www.tunedinweb.com/> 


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