[Mailman-Users] Users being unsubscribed without requesting it.

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Just a thought, but since the "unsubscribe link" has been part of the
output of your list, it is possible that someone other than the
recipient sees the link and clicks on it, either in malice or error
(trying to unsubscribe themselves)
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 On 2017-08-19 10:00, Steve Wehr wrote:

> That's the best theory I have heard so far to explain the facts.  
> The user's in question, who are being unsubscribed without asking to be, are people who like the mailing lists they are on, and would not be flagging emails from the list as spam. Now their ISP might, but they wouldn't. The list owners swear to me that these people are friends who want their emails.
> Some further info... I was including a link at the bottom of all emails sent by mailman (in the msg_footer field: 
> "Click this link to unsubscribe:
> %(user_optionsurl)s?password=%(user_password)s&unsub=1&unsubconfirm=1" 
> I thought perhaps users were accidentally clicking this and unsubscribing
> themselves, so I have removed the "&unsubconfirm=1" part of the URL so they will have to manually confirm.
> Maybe this would foil ISPs who are automatically following this link to
> unsubscribe people. Do ISPs really do this?
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>> The problem is that when contacted, these users swear they DID NOT 
>> unsubscribe themselves. So how can they be getting unsubscribed (with 
>> messages in the logs like the one above) but they are not going to the 
>> member options page and unsubscribing??
> One possibility would be that they are marking these messages as "Junk"
> or "Spam" and their ESP/ISP, either through a manual or automated process,
> is following the unsubscribe link in the email to remove them from the
> list...

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