[Mailman-Users] periodic shunts might have been undetected bad bounce_matching_headers

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Fri Aug 25 09:29:23 EDT 2017

Hi mailman-users at python.org
I hope I may have solved some postings being shunted on a few of my lists,
necessitating occasional
	cd /usr/local/mailman; unshunt qfiles/shunt

I discovered 3 lists had missing '\n', shown with
	cd /usr/local/mailman/lists; config_list -o - ListName
bounce_matching_headers = """# Lines that *start* with a '#' are comments.

Fixed with 
	cd /usr/local/mailman/lists ; config_list -o ~/tmp/ListName ListName
	vi  ~/tmp/ListName ; config_list -i ~/tmp/ListName ListName
& I hope the shunting will stop.

I did autopsy snapshots of /usr/local/mailman before & after last unshunt,
if anyone feels like telling me what to look for.

Unfortunately the corrupt bounce_matching_headers lines in configuration
were undetected by these automatic checks 
	cd /usr/local/etc/rc.d; ./mailman stop ; ./mailman start 
	cd /usr/local/mailman/lists ; ../bin/check_db -a
	cd /usr/local/mailman/lists ; ../bin/check_perms

The errors probably derive from a fumbled edit by me using an older mailman.
I'll do more visual inspection on my most troublesome list.

Julian H. Stacey, Computer Consultant, BSD Linux Unix Systems Engineer, Munich
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