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Tue Dec 5 18:38:41 EST 2017

Yesterday, I asked: Is there a way, with mailman 2.1.24 to sort the
Pending Moderator
Requests list in something other than alphabetically? Chronologically
would be especially helpful. 

And Mark answered:
> Yes.
> First of all, the "Discard messages marked Defer" selection will not
> discard any messages which aren't listed and marked Defer on the page
> when you submit it, so you don't need to worry about discarding messages
>that arrived after you loaded the page. 

VERY good to know... HOWEVER, since my moderator list of deferrals has
both SPAM and a few members set to moderate, and I check these moderated
members' messages as I encounter them on the list, that means the list
is being reloaded after each moderated message I handle, so my fear is
justified (though I wish it were not)... 

> As far as sorting is concerned, if you can update the server config or
> influence those that can 

I can do both/either 

# Shall the admindb held message summary display the grouping and
# option radio buttons? Set this in mm_cfg.py to one of the following:
# SSENDER -> Default to grouped and sorted by sender.
# SSENDERTIME -> Default to grouped by sender and sorted by time.
# STIME -> Default to ungrouped and sorted by time.

Key question here: does this impact ALL lists on the server, or just my
list? I have not mucked about with configuration settings for the list,
save those on the Admin web page(s), and we have several lists managed
by other people, whose toes I'd like to avoid trampling upon...
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