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Wed Dec 6 05:51:33 EST 2017


Am 06.12.2017 um 00:38 schrieb List Manager:
> Yesterday, I asked: Is there a way, with mailman 2.1.24 to sort the
> Pending Moderator
> Requests list in something other than alphabetically? Chronologically
> would be especially helpful. 
> And Mark answered:
>> Yes.
>> First of all, the "Discard messages marked Defer" selection will not
>> discard any messages which aren't listed and marked Defer on the page
>> when you submit it, so you don't need to worry about discarding messages
>> that arrived after you loaded the page. 
> VERY good to know... HOWEVER, since my moderator list of deferrals has
> both SPAM and a few members set to moderate, and I check these moderated
> members' messages as I encounter them on the list, that means the list
> is being reloaded after each moderated message I handle, so my fear is
> justified (though I wish it were not)... 

You always have to check all listed emails on the moderation page,
before using that button.
Moderation is a tedious task, and there is nothing to prevent that.

>> As far as sorting is concerned, if you can update the server config or
>> influence those that can 
> I can do both/either 
> # Shall the admindb held message summary display the grouping and
> sorting
> # option radio buttons? Set this in mm_cfg.py to one of the following:
> # SSENDER -> Default to grouped and sorted by sender.
> # SSENDERTIME -> Default to grouped by sender and sorted by time.
> # STIME -> Default to ungrouped and sorted by time.
> Key question here: does this impact ALL lists on the server, or just my
> list? I have not mucked about with configuration settings for the list,
> save those on the Admin web page(s), and we have several lists managed
> by other people, whose toes I'd like to avoid trampling upon...

You activate a default setting for all lists, but all admins/moderators
can change that for their list in the moderation page.

Kind regards,
Christian Mack

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