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Mike Starr mike at writestarr.com
Sun Dec 10 13:17:55 EST 2017

I'm inclined to agree with tlhackque. I'd venture a guess that a large 
percentage (perhaps even a majority) of Mailman users are provided with 
Mailman from their hosting company as the only mailing list tool 
available. The Mailman UI allows them to do the initial configuration 
and management but they're not, in most cases, even aware of python or 
shell script execution. It's completely foreign to them and most likely 
completely beyond their skill sets. They then come to this list for help 
and get told something in a language they don't understand and as this 
thread reveals, many hosting companies are completely uncooperative with 
respect to python and shell execution.

Of course, having monitored this list for several years, I'm totally 
impressed with the skill and knowledge of Mark Sapiro and others, and I 
do understand that Mailman is an open-source program for which (to the 
best of my knowledge) nobody gets paid to maintain. But it would 
certainly be nice is the Mailman UI could be improved to allow users to 
accomplish many of the things they seek help for here without having to 
spend weeks learning how to do python programming or shell script execution.

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On 12/10/2017 11:42 AM, tlhackque via Mailman-Users wrote:
> On 09-Dec-17 14:06, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> On 12/09/2017 10:40 AM, Chip Davis wrote:
>>> That's all well and good Mark, but surely you know that any fix that
>>> involves issuing a shell command is useless for those of us responsible
>>> for lists on a shared server running cPanel (or equivalent).
>> The OP indicated that he had changed DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN. If he can do
>> that, he can run fix_url.
> That is not necessarily true.
> On a cPanel-managed website that I support, the "File manager" provides
> an editor, which allows any text file to be edited.  And you can set 'x'
> permission.  But there is no shell access, and no straightforward way to
> execute a file.  (If you're clever and sufficiently motivated, you can
> setup a temporary cron job or modify some source file.)
> I've had similar issues with people using wiki software; in that case,
> the solution was to add a carefully-protected admin option to allow a
> very privileged admin to run a shell command (e.g. system(...)).  As a
> developer, I was not enthusiastic - but it seems that a significant
> number of people are stuck with hosts that don't provide shell access.
> Of course, my first reaction was "change hosting provider" - but there
> were many "I can't" - though the reasons varied.
> You might consider adding a super-user menu to allow users to run
> withlist; fix_url; etc without shell access.  Or an admin privilege that
> can be granted to selected list managers.  If not for MM2, for MM3.
> If you don't want to support mailman in environments without shell
> access, at a minimum, put a big warning in the install docs that
> "administration and maintenance of a mailman site requires shell
> access".  It shouldn't be a requirement that's discovered later.
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