[Mailman-Users] admindb functionality not working 2.2.15 on RHEL

Sowers, Brent brent.sowers at yale.edu
Fri Dec 15 09:10:41 EST 2017

I'm in the process of migrating to a new server and the remaining issue I've run into is none of the admindb functionality is working on lists I've created to test the new server.

The old server is running 2.1.6, the new is running 2.1.15 from an RPM install.

I have 2 subscription requests that won't process, approve doesn't add them to the list, reject doesn't generate an email, likewise defer and discard have no impact either.
I did some research and saw that a patch was introduced in 2002 for something similar and confirmed that the code change is present in my admindb.py file.

I have one email in the pending list which I can't process either.

The old server has ownership set for apache:mailman on select pyc files in the Mailman/Cgi directory so I changed the files on the new server to have the same ownership and permissions (rw-rw----) but it didn't resolve the problem.

Brent Sowers

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