[Mailman-Users] importing large (1GB) mbox file, hitting a wall here..

Andrew White, PhD awhite at pdbti.org
Wed Dec 27 23:08:17 EST 2017

   First post- thanks much for your archives, been getting myself up to speed
   today and I hope to be a member of the community who gives back as well.

   I took over a large mailing list with a 12 year archive, which is about a
   1 GB .mbox file (about 35,000 messages). I need to upload it to a new
   Mailman install on a new server. I have a background in visual basic and
   command line SPSS, and have managed Mailman lists before, but I'm a little
   new on this part. Here's where I'm at- let me know where I'm off.

   For reference, the name of the list on the machine is dbt-l_pdbti.org.

   Per the FAQ (
   ), I uploaded the old .mbox into the correct folder (in this case
   archives/private/dbt-l_pdbti.org.mbox/).  This is a brand new list
   install, with no posts. I then ran bin/arch --wipe dbt-l_pdbti.org. When I
   checked the archives, only about 11,000 messages were imported. I saw in
   the arch help file there can be memory issues, and so to run things in
   chunks. So, I did this:

   bin/arch ---wipe q -s 0 e 10000 dbt-l_pdbti.org
   bin/arch -q -s 10001 e 20000 dbt-l_pdbti.org
   bin/arch  q -s 20001 e 30000 dbt-l_pdbti.org
   bin/arch  q -s 30001 e 40000 dbt-l_pdbti.org

   So when I do this, each piece works, but each piece overwrites the
   previous- in other words, rather than each chunk adding into the archives,
   only the most recent command seems to affect the archives. At the end of
   these commands, only messages 30,000 to 35,000 are showing up in the

   I'm sure there is something I'm doing wrong here, but I'm feeling pretty
   stuck- is there something I'm leaving out?

   Appreciate the help-

   Andrew White, PhD
   Associate Director
   DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, Certified DBT Clinician*
   Licensed Clinical Psychologist
   Portland DBT Institute
   (503) 290.3281 (phone)
   (503) 231.8153 (fax)

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