[Mailman-Users] cannot get local connection to an openbsd 6.0 install

Anne Wainwright anotheranne at fables.co.za
Thu Feb 2 15:21:08 EST 2017


I am building an openbsd 6.0 server utilising their httpd http server.

I am trying to connect locally but get a 500 Internal Server Error. Thus
I am connecting and thus have the correct path in httpd.conf I also
believe I have other details correct in httpd.conf (location, fastcgi,
root) and slowcgi is running. However and whatever I cannot get a
mailman page.

I can access a static index.html fine, no issue.

I suspect some type of permissions problem but can't really say that I
have narrowed it down to that.

I have put individual links to the /usr/local/lib/mailman/bin scripts in
/var/www/mailman to get started with

down at the /usr/ end perms are rwxr-sr-x and owned by mailman
up at the /var/www/ end perms are rwxr-sr-w and owned by root

If any one has any experience in the openbsd setup (and I am staying
with the chrooted httpd setup) then I'd be grateful for any pointers.

Else I have found an online reference to running same but not chrooted.
Since I open my pages for subscription online I am not keen to follow
this. But I might just to see it work. 


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