[Mailman-Users] Mailman Spam Filters

Barco van Rhijn barco at atservice.co.za
Tue Feb 7 09:53:14 EST 2017

I've put together a profanity word list that I'd like to block on our 
mailing lists. I'm attempting to run this through the spam filters in 
Since these phrases are quite toxic to work with I've added a tame 
example. ;-)

*I'm able to block words without an issue. But I'm having problems with 
two things:*

1. *I'm unable to match a phrase only.*
      e.g. "she is mad"

     So far if I enter something like this it will match both words in 
the phrase anywhere in a message.

  *      Hence an innocent user using the a phrase like "she is a
    darling" would also be blocked.
  *      As would someone mentioning the word "mad" in an non derogatory

/I've tried /*

  * \bold fart| (Which seems to best match the entire word without
    matching it in another word)
  * ^\bold fart|
  * old fart|
  * old fart
  * ^old fart

I've tested this at http://pythex.org/ for syntax issues. Pythex shows 
it matching only the phrase.

But once popped into Mailman the spam filter matches any of the words in 
the phrase.
It seems that the issue is related to how Mailman parses this string. It 
seems to lose all the custom regex and search each word individually.

2. *Mailman completely ignores \b switches *

/All of these Filters:/

  * \btest|
  * test|
  * ^test|
  * ^\btest|

/matches: /

  * test
  * tester
  * testing
  * tested

It seems that mailman does not acknowledge the regex I insert and simply 
searches for the phrase anywhere including in words.

*About the pipe on the end of search phrases (I've come across a post 
that says for a pipe is needed if you have lists of words in your spam 

Does anyone using this feature have advice for me?

Warm Regards


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