[Mailman-Users] Mailman Spam Filters

Barco van Rhijn barco at atservice.co.za
Wed Feb 8 12:57:49 EST 2017

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply. I'll try to clarify:

I'm using these regexps/phrases in the

  Privacy options... -> Spam filters page

/Header filters /*Spam Filter Rule 1 *

Spam Filter Regexp:
	She is mad|

**I've used the new rules as opposed to the legacy rules on this page.
And was not specific as to where mailman should look.

To my understanding this includes the message headers, subject and body. Testing proved this to be true. Mailman holds messages with the phrase "mad" in the body or subject line.

What bugs me is that it also matches "madmen" and a partial phrase like "she is".

As referenced in the previous messages whatever regex syntax I put around this phrase seems to get ignored.

I hope this clarifies my question. :)

Warm Regards

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