[Mailman-Users] lacking notifications when mails are held for moderation

Christina Endemann c.endemann at fsc.org
Mon Feb 13 04:16:51 EST 2017

At least I don't have easy access to the logs, so I tested the listname-owner at ... address first, and in fact the mails could not be delivered.
I got some "Diagnostic information for administrators" (Remote Server returned '550 5.1.1 RESOLVER.ADR.RecipNotFound; not found') and the advice to contact my helpdesk.  So, does this e-mail address not exist, and our ITs have to set up this e-mail address first? 


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On 02/13/2017 12:11 AM, Christina Endemann wrote:
> Is there something else I can do about this? 

If you have access to the logs on the Mailman server you should see the

In Mailman's vette log there will be and entry of the form

Timestamp (pid) listname post from user at example.com held,
message-id=<...>: reason

Note the timestamp

in Mailman's smtp log within a few seconds after the vette log timestamp there will be 3 messages similar to:

Timestamp (pid) <mailman.nn.tttttttttt.pppp.listname at example.com> smtp to listname for 1 recips, completed in ...

The first of these is the held message notice to the poster assumind the lists respond_to_post_requests is Yes. Otherwise there will be only the next ones.

The second is like the first except the nn in mailman.nn.tttttttttt will be the first nn +1. This is the admin notice sent to the listname-owner address. The third is like the second except it is the resend from listname-owner to the owner and moderator addresses and the '1 recips'
will be the total number of owners and moderators.

Then look in the system mail log at the time of these timestamps to see if these messages were delivered.

Also, whether or not you have access to the logs, try sending an ordinary email to the listname-owner at ... address and see what happens.
It should be delivered to you, but it might bounce which will be the problem.

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