[Mailman-Users] How to track down Digest spam reporter

Scott Neader scott at qth.com
Thu Feb 16 21:37:30 EST 2017

We have a fairly active mailing list where at least one Hotmail user is
marking every Digest message they receive as "spam".  We receive the
reports from Hotmail, but we have no way of knowing which subscriber is
causing these spam reports (or we'd remove them, of course).

Normally we can turn on "Personalization" and add the subscriber's email
address to the footer... but this can't be done for Digests. Any other
ideas on how we can track down this spam reporter and get them off the
list, short of moving every Hotmail user off the digests?  And, as a side
question, I'm curious about the technical reasons why Personalization can't
be available for Digests.

Thanks, in advance!

- Scott

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