[Mailman-Users] scrubbed attachments naming pattern: is it configurable?

karrageorgiou.giannis at yahoo.com karrageorgiou.giannis at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 2 11:38:22 EST 2017

dear MM-user list managers,

I have enabled attachment scrubbing, so mail footers
look like this:

-------------- next part --------------
A non-text attachment was scrubbed...
Name: 2016_SON_COSMO-DE.tar.gz
Type: application/x-gzip
Size: 4535 bytes
Desc: 2016_SON_COSMO-DE.tar.gz
URL: <http://[mydomain].org/pipermail/wg5/attachments

Ok, I understand that mailman cannot have psychic
abilities and rename a application/x-gzip MIME blob
to the full tar.gz or doc.gz or whatever, but what 
about the alien-looking "attachment-NNNN.bin" part? 

Can optionally the Name part be used? even with the 
inevitable(?) auto-increment indexing, it still will be 
more user friendly. Then, even the user-confusing *.bin 
part could be avoided, since the name does indicate the 
encoding and it would be clearer for the downloaders?

thanks beforehand for any advice on parameterizing
this (if it can be configured at all)

have a fine 2017 and many thanks for the work
you put in MM

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